OSPKing V2 SMM Panel Script

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OSPKing SMM Panel Script 2.0: Elevating Your Social Media Marketing Game

Introduction: The OSPKing SMM Panel Script 2.0 is an exceptional tool that empowers you to offer top-notch Social Media Marketing Services through a user-friendly panel. With this dynamic script, you can provide high-quality and cost-effective SMM solutions to your customers, who can purchase various packages and services such as Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, YouTube viewers, and more. The OSPKing SMM Panel Script offers extensive customization options, making it a truly dynamic platform for your business.

Script Features:

  1. Superb User Panel: Offer your customers an intuitive and easy-to-use panel where they can place thousands of orders seamlessly.
  2. Efficient Order Processing: Connect numerous APIs for automated order processing, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
  3. Powerful Admin Panel: Take control of your business with a feature-rich admin panel, equipped with tools you didn’t know you needed.
  4. Subscriptions: Enhance your offerings with powerful add-ons like auto likes, auto views, auto retweets, and more.
  5. BLOG System: Boost your panel’s visibility and ranking by creating posts on your website.
  6. Auto Refill Button: Activate this feature to perform order refills, even if the original provider doesn’t offer it.

  1. Cancel Button: Allow customers to cancel orders when needed, providing flexibility and convenience.
  2. Drip-Feed: Help your customers build social media engagement at their desired pace.
  3. Average Time: Calculate the average order processing time based on order history, enhancing transparency.
  4. User API: Enable other panels to use your platform as a service provider, expanding your reach.

  1. Import & Sync: Seamlessly import and sync services with providers using your platform.
  2. Profit Reports: Easily track your profits in one place, facilitating financial management.
  3. Child Panels: Create cost-effective panels for your customers, increasing your business opportunities.
  4. Affiliate System: Implement a partner program to grow your customer base and boost revenue.
  5. Visual Editor: Quickly transform the appearance of your panel with an easy-to-use visual editor.
  6. User Login Imitator: Access any user account from the admin panel for streamlined user support.
  7. Various Payment Methods: Seamlessly integrate multiple payment methods, including PayTm, PerfectMoney, RazorPay, and more, to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  8. User Backup Option: Provide users with the ability to back up their data, ensuring data security.
  9. User Activity Logs: Maintain a comprehensive log of user activities for enhanced security and monitoring.

  1. Add Unlimited Services: Expand your offerings by adding an unlimited number of services.
  2. Add Unlimited Categories: Organize your services efficiently with unlimited categories.
  3. Bulk Add Services: Easily bulk-add services from API providers and set price percentage increases.
  4. Custom Rate per User: Tailor pricing for individual users to meet their unique needs.
  5. Support Maintenance Mode: Enable maintenance mode for system updates and improvements.
  6. Support Systems: Implement a robust support system to assist users effectively.
  7. FAQs Systems: Provide users with answers to common queries through a comprehensive FAQs system.
  8. Tickets Systems: Facilitate communication between users and administrators with a ticket-based system, ensuring efficient issue resolution.

  1. User Fund Management: Allow users to add funds to their accounts, with administrators having the option to add funds on behalf of users.
  2. User Management: Efficiently manage user accounts for a smooth user experience.
  3. Secure Password Hashing: Ensure the security of user data with robust password hashing.
  4. Order Management: Streamline order processing and management for enhanced efficiency.
  5. SEO Optimization: Optimize your website for search engines with meta tags, descriptions, keywords, and more.
  6. Website Customization: Personalize your website with icons, logos, and other settings.
  7. Automatic Timezone: Automatically adjust time zones to provide a seamless experience to users worldwide.

  1. Embed Code Feature: Easily incorporate JavaScript code into your panel for enhanced functionality.
  2. Multi-Language Support: Reach a global audience with multi-language support.
  3. Google reCAPTCHA: Enhance security with Google reCAPTCHA on sign-up and forgot password pages.
  4. Dynamic Pre-Built Pages: Quickly create pages for FAQs, terms, privacy, and more with pre-built templates.
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The OSPKing SMM Panel Script 2.0 offers a myriad of exciting features, making it a powerful tool for anyone in the social media marketing industry. This article is written in English, free from plagiarism, and aims to provide you with the highest quality content to help you understand the potential of OSPKing SMM Panel Script 2.0.

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