OSPKing V1 SMM Panel Script

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It seems like you’ve provided information about a PHP script called “OSPKing SMM Panel Script” that allows users to sell social media marketing services through an easy-to-use panel. This script has various features and functionalities for both users and administrators. Here’s a summary of the key features mentioned in the provided information:

User Panel Features:

  1. User-friendly interface for placing orders.
  2. Efficient order processing with the ability to connect multiple APIs.
  3. Subscription options for services like auto likes, auto views, and more.
  4. Blog system for creating posts to improve the panel’s ranking.
  5. Auto Refill and Cancel buttons for managing orders.
  6. Drip-feed functionality for gradual social media engagement.
  7. Average order processing time calculation.
  8. User API for other panels to use your panel as a provider.
  9. Import and sync services with other providers.
  10. Profit reports for tracking earnings.
  11. Child panels for offering cheaper services to customers.
  12. Affiliate system to expand the customer base.
  13. Visual editor for customizing the panel’s appearance.
  14. Support for various payment methods.

Admin Panel Features:

  1. Powerful admin panel for business control and management.
  2. Import and sync services with providers.
  3. User login imitator for admin access.
  4. User backup option and activity logs.
  5. Ability to add unlimited services and categories.
  6. Bulk addition of services from API providers with price adjustments.
  7. Custom rate per user.
  8. Support for maintenance mode.
  9. Support and FAQs systems.
  10. Ticketing system with message timeline between users and admins.
  11. User fund management, including the ability for admins to add funds to user accounts.
  12. User management and secure password hashing.
  13. Order management and SEO optimization.
  14. Website settings customization.
  15. Automatic timezone handling.
  16. Embed code feature with JavaScript code.
  17. Multi-language support.
  18. Google reCAPTCHA for security.
  19. Dynamic pre-built pages for FAQs, Terms, and Privacy.
  20. Many other exciting features.
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Please note that this information provides an overview of the script’s features. Users interested in using this script should review its documentation and ensure it meets their specific requirements. Additionally, be aware of any licensing terms and conditions associated with the script, especially since it’s mentioned as “Free.”

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