OSPXPro v2 SMM Panel Script

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It appears that you’ve provided information about a PHP script called “OSPXPro v3 – SMM Panel Script” that allows users to sell Social Media Marketing Services. Here’s a summary of the key features and details you’ve mentioned:

Script Details:

  • Version: 1 (Updated on June 27, 2023)
  • Categories: PHP Scripts
  • Files Types: SMM Panel Script
  • License: Free

Features of OSPXPro v3 – SMM Panel Script:

  1. Mobile Responsive UI: Ensures the panel is user-friendly on various devices.
  2. Easy Installation and Use: User-friendly setup process.
  3. Payment Gateways: Supports multiple payment gateways, including PayTm, RazorPay, Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Manual Payment.
  4. Top Services List: Lists the most popular services.
  5. News/Announcement Timeline System: Keeps users informed.
  6. User Mail Logs: Records email communication.

  1. Banned IP Address List: Manages restricted IP addresses.
  2. User Activity Logs: Tracks user actions.
  3. Place Orders: Allows users to place orders for services.
  4. Place Mass Orders: Supports bulk orders.
  5. Add Unlimited Services: Allows for flexibility in service offerings.
  6. Add Unlimited Categories: Organizes services.
  7. Enable API: Offers API integration.
  8. Automate Fetch API: Automates data retrieval from APIs.
  9. Advance API Providers: Provides advanced API options.
  10. Powerful Admin Panel: Admin dashboard for management.
  11. Easy-to-Use User Dashboard: User-friendly interface.
  12. Multi-API Providers: Supports multiple API providers.

  1. Multi-Services: Offers various service types, including Auto Like, Custom comments, Comment Likes, Mentions with Hashtags, and more.
  2. Drip-feed Feature: Allows for gradual service delivery.
  3. Sync Services with API Providers: Ensures accurate service availability.
  4. Bulk Add Services from API Providers: Simplifies service management.
  5. Custom Rate per User: Pricing flexibility.
  6. Users and Admin Dashboard: Separate dashboards for users and admins.
  7. View User Feature from Admin Account: Admins can view user details.
  8. Support Maintenance Mode: Enables maintenance when needed.
  9. Support Systems: Includes FAQs, Tickets, and Support Messages.
  10. User Funds Management: Users can add funds, and admins can also add funds to user accounts.

  1. User Management: User account management features.
  2. Secure Password Hashing: Ensures password security.
  3. User Registration and Login System: User account creation and login.
  4. Email Notifications: Sends various email notifications.
  5. PHP Mail and SMTP Configuration: Supports different email configurations.
  6. Order Management: Manages user orders.
  7. Order through API: Allows service orders without logging in.
  8. SEO Optimization: Supports SEO optimization.
  9. Website Settings: Customization options for icons, logos, etc.
  10. Automatic Timezone: Detects and sets the timezone.
  11. Embed Code Feature: Provides JavaScript embedding.
  12. Multilingual Ready: Supports multiple languages.
  13. Basic Statistics: Provides essential statistics.
  14. Google reCAPTCHA: Enhances security during sign-up and password reset.
  15. Dynamic Pre-built Pages: Includes pages for FAQs, Terms, and Privacy.
  16. Additional Exciting Features: Various other features not listed.

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Please note that this script appears to be a tool for creating and managing a social media marketing service business. It offers extensive functionality for both users and administrators.

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