OSPXPro v3 SMM Panel Script

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It appears that you’ve provided information about a PHP script called “OSPXPro v3 – SMM Panel Script.” This script allows users to sell Social Media Marketing Services through an easy-to-use panel. Here’s a summary of its features and details:

Script Details:

  • Version: 1 (Latest update on June 27, 2023)
  • Categories: PHP Scripts
  • File Types: SMM Panel Script
  • License: Free


  1. Mobile Responsive UI: The script offers a user-friendly interface that adapts to mobile devices.
  2. Easy Installation and Use: It’s designed for easy setup and usability.
  3. Payment Gateway: Supports various payment gateways, including PayTm, RazorPay, Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and manual payments.
  4. Top Services List: Allows you to showcase top services.
  5. News/Announcement Timeline System: Keeps users informed about updates and announcements.
  6. User Mail Logs: Tracks email communication.
  7. Banned IP Address List: Helps manage security.
  8. User Activity Logs: Records user actions.
  9. Place Orders: Users can place orders for services.
  10. Place Mass Orders: Supports bulk orders.

  1. Add Unlimited Services: You can create and offer a wide range of services.
  2. Add Unlimited Categories: Organize services into categories.
  3. Enable API: Supports API integration.
  4. Automate Fetch API: Automated data retrieval.
  5. Advance API Providers: Provides advanced API options.
  6. Powerful Admin Panel: Admins have extensive control.
  7. Easy-To-Use User Dashboard: User-friendly dashboard for customers.
  8. Multi-API Providers: Supports multiple API providers with required parameters.
  9. Multi-Services: Offers various services like likes, followers, mentions, and more.
  10. Drip-Feed Feature: Allows scheduled content delivery.
  11. Sync Services Button with API Providers: Keeps data updated.
  12. Bulk Add Services: Import services from API providers.
  13. Custom Rate per User: Pricing flexibility.
  14. User and Admin Dashboards: Separate dashboards for users and admins.
  15. View User Feature: Admins can view user details.
  16. Support Maintenance Mode: For system maintenance.

  1. Support Systems: Includes FAQs, ticket systems, and more.
  2. User Funds Management: Users can add funds, and admins can also do so.
  3. Secure Password Hashing: Ensures password security.
  4. User Registration and Login System: Allows user account creation.
  5. Email Notifications: Sends various email notifications.
  6. PHP Mail and SMTP Configuration: Email setup options.
  7. Order Management: Efficient order processing.
  8. API Integration for Order Placement: Users can order services via API.
  9. SEO Optimization: Optimizes for search engines.
  10. Website Settings: Customize the site’s appearance.
  11. Automatic Timezone: Adjusts based on user location.
  12. Embed Code Feature: Supports embedding.
  13. Multilingual Ready: Can be used in multiple languages.
  14. Basic Statistics: Provides essential statistics.
  15. Google reCAPTCHA: Enhances security.
  16. Dynamic Pre-Built Pages: Includes FAQs, Terms, and Privacy pages.

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This script seems to offer a comprehensive solution for running an SMM panel and managing social media marketing services. Please note that it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to use and distribute such scripts, especially if they involve social media platforms’ APIs and servi

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